There is nothing to compare with the 10 pack. We have two trailers to help in long draws, one carries 20 and the other 17 bales and even on a long draw 20km round trip the 10 pack will draw more bales than the two trailers together and that’s with a loader in the field and in the yard, four drivers and machines as opposed to one driver and the 10 pack."

Available as an 8 and 10 bale chaser.

Standard spec.

(40kph) Granning high speed commercial axles Led marker lights front side and rear Automatic certified locking system Bkt 550/45/22.5 Strenx tube rings and plate for strength and longevity Hyd brakes Adjustable hitch


Optional extras

Patented easy load rollers Mudguards Load sensing hydraulic brakes Load sensing pneumatic over oil brakes (60kph) Tyre choice Various hitch options The original,most efficient,strongest and simply loaded bale chaser ever made.