The Conor range of fully recessed LGP tankers are strong and robust and built with the contractor and large producer in mind. Sizes range from 1600 Gallon up to 3000 Gallon and comes with many features as standard such as large 30” rear door, 11000 litre vacuum pump, 20 foot suction hose, full commercial axles with 420 x 180 brakes, LED road lighting, and swivel hitch eye. As with all Conor tanks the cylinder is strengthened with anti-implosion rings inside the tank and the fully recessed tanker range comes with a full length chassis and sprung drawbar. Please note the capacity stated includes the recess taken out.

Sprung drawbar with full length chassis

 High quality 11000 litre Battioni vacuum pump (8000 on 1600R and 1800R)

 2 pack oven baked paint finish

 Rolled from high quality 6mm British steel

 Twin LED hamburger lights at rear

 LED lights on front of the mudguard

Heavy duty hydraulic rear discharge valve

 Recessed chassis with mudguards

 20 foot (6.1m) of 6” suction hose

 One fill point complete with quick attach

 One Wash down point

 Two blanked off filling points

 Anti enclosure rings for strength and durability

 5” ‘unbreakable’ sight glass at rear and at front

 Large 30” hinged rear door. It is dropped below the bottom of the cylinder to help the tank empty completely.

 30mm hydraulic brake rams and ½” brake hose


 Internal Baffle plates

 Full commercial axles with 420 x 180 brakes on 2000 gallon and bigger

 Secondary sanitary trap to protect pump

 Swivel hitch eye