Conor offers the following options on all tankers:

8000, 11000 and 13500 hydraulically operated pumps

8000, 11000 and 13500 litre Garda pumps

Hydraulically operated rain gun

Up and down movement on rain gun is optional

Stepped Axle

Hydraulic arm for umbilical system with pod

Over hedge unloading boom

Alliance High Speed wheels

Sight tube

Perspex sight tube

6” or 8” Autofill

Non swivel type 6” autofill

Centre mounted autofill

Hydraulic changeover on pump

Hydraulic top hatch with ladder

Dribble bars up to 15 metres

Mudguards on standard tank

Sprung drawbar on standard or semi recess tank

30” door in lieu of 20” Door

26 or 52 foot wash down kit

Air Brakes

Air brakes with load sensing

Powerfill units

Load sensing hydraulic brakes

Wide Angle PTO



20” or 30” Door on Side

Hydraulically operated filling point


Custom paint colours

Hydraulic internal mixer

Tool box