The Conor  Trailing shoe system has been developed with a robust and practical design to operate in all types of terrain. It has a simple lightweight design and is designed very close to rear of tank and can fit on any tank. It allows for the even application of slurry which contributes to even growth. It greatly increases grass yield in land which has major advantages for all farmers. Read our brochure to find our more.

Designed very close to rear of the tank

Simple lightweight design

Easy to use with low maintenance requirements

Fully galvanized

Powerful Vogelsang Exacut vertical macerator with automatic pressure reversing valve and timer.

Stone trap on macerator and on tank

Can change from trailing shoe to splash plate without removing the trailing shoe

Unique design allows it to be mounted to any size tank

6.4 metre (21 foot) working width

24 outlets, 270mm between the boots

Adjustable hitch eye