This tine stubble cultivator offers exceptional versatility, from shallow to deep stubble cultivation. Its new « 600 kg » tine prevents drumming in heavy soils.

Adaptation to working conditions is essential to ensure the best soil cultivation.
- The duck foot share allows shallow stubble cultivation from 3 to 7 cm.
- For deeper stubble cultivation, the fins enable working from 5 to 15 cm.
- The use of the 80 mm point solo is perfect for cultivation down to 25 cm.
- For deep soil restructuring, Kuhn has created a 50 mm wide point.

Kuhn has developed a new tine with non-stop mechanical safety. The 600 Kg pressure at the tip ensures good soil engagement, even in the most difficult conditions. The use of high tensile steel, provides robustness. This tine does not require maintenance which reduces the time spent on maintenance.

Levelling is ensured by tines (simple, economical and guaranteeing even levelling whatever the work speed) or by discs fitted on rubber mounts for heavy soils or in large quantities of residues.

To adapt to the various soil types, the range offers a choice of 5 rollers (Tube, T-Ring, T-Liner, Packliner, HD-Liner 600).

Simple and fast depth adjustments will make you win precious time.

The KUHN carbide coated wear parts (50 mm point, 80 mm point and fins) stand for quality, additional service life, and money and time savings.

For seeding, the CULTIMER can be fitted with the small-seed drill SH